Photographed: DJ Traci Steele (International DJ/TV/Radio Personality) stunned in front of the new Lexus TX during the Rolling Out x Lexus AI Music Lab.

Rolling Out and Lexus announced the kick-off to launch a new era of seven-passenger luxury with a unique music innovation: the First-Ever Lexus TX and a new generative AI platform that pushes the boundaries of co-creation, culture, and technology with the Rolling Out AI Music Lab this past November.

This program between Lexus and Rolling Out represents an evolution from brand partnership to platform co-creation. Through this effort, participants will experience the unique vision of game changing DJs Trauma (Celebrity DJ/Founder – Dave Chappelle, Trauma Unit Retreat) Traci Steele (International DJ/TV/Radio Personality), Mix Master David (International Open Format DJ/Producer/Global Brand Ambassador/Philanthropist – V103, Billboard Hot 100), and Princess Cut (International DJ/Producer/Founder – Hot 107.9 ATL, Scratch Out Loud) as they redefine music and use the Rolling Out AI Music Lab to create immersive audio at the intersection of music and generative AI. Members of the Rolling Out community will also be invited to unleash their creativity and explore the infinite possibilities available to them as they create AI-generated music tracks, loops, mixes, playlists, and harmonies.

The new seven-passenger Lexus TX uses cutting-edge technology to power a new level of personalization and multimedia enjoyment

With the Rolling Out AI Music Lab, Lexus and Rolling Out collaborated to bring this experience to life creating a platform that enables everyone to experience the magic of generative music creation. This launch begins an important dialogue about co-creation and generative AI and how it can be harnessed to explore a new future with endless possibilities, where artists and curious creatives work together to develop music that expands beyond today’s current genres.

“We are excited to work with Lexus to create the Rolling Out AI Music Lab to accelerate the adoption of generative AI using music, which we’ve found to be a universal cultural language and vehicle for self-expression,” said Munson Steed, CEO, and founder of Rolling Out. “The First-Ever Lexus TX, with its third row and integrated technology that functions as an extension of the driver, highlights third dimension thinking and infinite possibilities available to creators today engaging with AI.”

The DJs will launch a 12-song playlist with the culmination of these new sounds to be celebrated in two cities: Atlanta and Los Angeles. As a part of this multi-city tour, the DJs will share the AI with celebrity friends and guests during these two VIP activations in the aforementioned cities

The rise of generative AI in music has the potential to democratize music creation and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their music skills or experience. At launch, the Rolling Out AI Music Lab will be available to consumers to generate music across a number of genres, including hip hop, lo-fi, and electronic dance music (EDM). The Rolling Out AI Music Lab’s features include analyzing rhythm, melody, and harmony patterns in existing music compositions across every genre of music over the last fifty years without touching or interacting with any copyrighted music.

In addition to quickly generating new music using natural language prompts, the AI Music Assistant was created to help artists. Through the AI Music Assistant within the Rolling Out AI Music Lab users will be able to customize and create studio-quality tracks by adding instruments, discovering new chord progressions, and adding beats and loops. As part of the collaboration with Lexus, the Rolling Out AI Music Lab will also feature unique tracks that can be modified and changed in real-time and a playlist that will only be available within our music lab.

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The featured Lexus TX was on display for event attendees to experience AI Music making technology integrated in the vehicle at the Rolling Out x Lexus AI Music Lab.

An event guest and Mix Master David (International Open Format DJ/Producer/Global Brand Ambassador/Philanthropist – V103, Billboard Hot 100) pose together amongst the excitement of the Rolling Out x Lexus AI Music Lab.

DJ Princess Cut (International DJ/Producer/Founder – Hot 107.9 ATL, Scratch Out Loud) arrives ready with a power pose at the Rolling Out x Lexus AI Music Lab.

Munson Steed (CEO/Founder – Rolling Out) with an event attendee for the Rolling x Lexus AI Music Lab.

King Qui (Radio/Media Professional – Hits 92.3, Do Royal Couch) and his fiancé posted up against the new Lexus TX featured at the Rolling x Lexus AI Music Lab.