July 4th, 2021
Just Breathe: Erica Parks, Natolie Gray Warren, Donnita Hathaway, Dr. Vaughn Gay, Ernestine Johnson- Morison, Quyionah Wingfield, Camryn Tripplet, Charisse Browner


An Intentional Life Club and The Legacy Center hosted the interactive mental health awareness event ‘Just Breathe’ to educate the community on self-care, mental health and to reduce the stigma surrounding it! Guests were able to explore ways to improve and protect their mental health. They were able to embrace the opportunity to learn about the importance of intentional breathing, gratitude, and affirmations as a self-care practice and why we need to incorporate the practice of mindfulness!

 Panelists led the mental health advocates and professionals in the field and spoke on mental health and well-being topics. Participants were able to engage in meaningful conversation, practice mindset activities to strengthen and support mental well-being and also have the opportunity to ask related questions!

The event was such a success and included:

Mental Health Advocates and Professional Panel Discussion

Gratitude, Affirmations, and Intention Setting Interactive Forum

Meditation and Breathwork

Ask a Therapist Speed Dating

Networking with Intention

Location: Legacy Center

Address: 3015 RN Martin St, East Point GA 30344

Ticket Link: www.legacycenterevents.com

Photo Credit:

Just Breathe: Dr.Vaughn Gay, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, Quyionah Wingfield, Balewa Muhammed
Just Breathe: Dr. Vaughn Gay, Balewa Muhammed, Marvin Coleman, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, Quyionah Wingfield
Just Breathe: We stand together in honor of International Mental Health Awareness Month
Just Breathe: Dr. Vaughn Gay, Tewann Tepper, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, Tieara Leeann, Terell Tepper, Daniel Dickey, Amira Johnson, Jamilah Robinson Quyionah Wingfield, Balewa Muhammed
Just Breathe: Mayor Holiday Ingraham
Just Breathe: Therapist for the six-minute therapy sessions: Tewann Tepper, Tieara Leeann, Terell Tepper, Amira Johnson, Jamilah Robinson
Just Breathe: Six-Minute Therapy session with Tieara LeeAnn
Just Breathe: Erica Parks, Donnita Hathaway, Charisse Browner, Natolie Gray Warren