On April 2nd-3rd, York Promotions and The Resource Guild presented the inaugural R&B Soul Picnic Festival that took over the Promenade in Piedmont Park. As a response to troubling times amid post-pandemic society, the R&B Soul Picnic tasked Atlanta based DJs, therapists, and speakers to provide the soul healing vibes in an effort to promote mental health awareness and celebrate R&B/Soul music. The R&B Soul Picnic featured Grammy award-winning talent all weekend long including headliners DJ Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin. Attendees had the opportunity to visit the “Soul Healing Center” which included numerous wellness resources and counseling services from mental health therapists. The “Soul Healing Center ” provided soul healing consultations to round out the holistic healing that took place in the Promenade.

On Saturday, Atlanta City Councilman Byron Amos opened up the event by welcoming attendees into the park, and encouraging them to shop, heal, and vibe with the music. The park was flooded with thousands of people equipped with blankets, coolers, and lawn chairs eager to enjoy nationally and internationally renowned DJs, breathwork and meditation sessions, vending from local businesses, and more. Trap Yoga Instructor and Yoga Instructor Eazy Spliffarachi created a safe space for relaxing vibes; perfect for meditation and breathwork. On Sunday, Pastor Jamal Bryant graced the stage with an opening prayer and Yoga Instructor Marsha Shackelford delivered the meditation session to protect the vibes for the last day of the R&B Soul Picnic.

 The R&B Soul Picnic Line-Up and Guest Speakers Included:

Saturday April 2 – Day 1
Featured DJs: DJ Trauma, DJ Baby Yu, DJ Mix Master David, DJ Pnut, DJ Lavish Lee, DJ Sugar Shae, DJ P Forreal, DJ Bluetooth, DJ A Plus, DJ Chigga, DJ Yung Red, DJ Obi and DJ Labonita.
On Stage Spoken Word Artist: Jayda Howard
Onstage Yoga: Eazy Spliffarachi
Speaker: Atlanta City Councilman Byron Amos

Sunday April 3 – Day 2
Featured DJs: DJ Jermaine Dupri, DJ SNS, Dallas Austin, DJ Cleve, DJ Tron, Dj A Plus, and DJ Chigga.
Speaker: Pastor Jamal Bryant
On Stage Spoken Word Artist: Mrs. Ernestine Morrison
Onstage Yoga: Marsha Shuckleford

Social Media Engagement:

R&B Soul Picnic IG: @rnbsoulpicnic

Official Event Hashtag: #rnbsoulpicnic

For More Information on R&B Soul Picnic: rnbsoulpicnic.com

Over 8,000 attendees showed up to experience the alleviating energy that was the R&B Soul Healing Picnic
Pastor Jamal Bryant takes the mic to speak at the R&B Soul Picnic
Jacob York (left) poses with District 3 Atlanta City Councilman, Byron Amos (middle) & host, K Botchey (right) after the welcome letter to kick off R&B Soul Picnic.
V.I.P Members pictured backstage at the R&B Soul Picnic in Piedmont Park
Licensed Therapists come together for a group photo inside the “Soul Healing Center,” left to right, ____, Glendora Dvine (LPC BC TMH), Tavara Franklin (LPC NCC), Yodit Alemu (LPC NCC), _____
Yodit Alemu (LPC NCC) consulting w/ an R&B Soul Picnic Staff member about services offered as a resident therapist w/ “Fresh Start For The Mind”