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The “Black House Black Market ” Women’s HERstory Month Edition, was a black business pop up held on March 31, 2022 at The Legacy Center, a.k.a The Black House. This event was an opportunity for black women business owners to learn more about the all-new digital black owned marketplace Flourysh and to network with other business owners. Vendors received growth conversations with industry leaders and more, curated by The Resource Guild.  This event was hosted by The Resource Guild’s very own Camille Paul (Milley Rock)  & Randi Okray (Randi O).
Thank you again to all the vendors: Krush By Jai, MOMENTUM Beauty, Thrift Jesus, Yvonne Sheek, Barbee Doll Beauty, Love is Like a Candle, She is Healed, Layla’s Event PlanningAurelia Treasurers, Wildindulgence, Beyond Sedohr, The Grace Project, Legally Black, and more.

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Photo Credit: Jaylen Dickey

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Owner of Krush By Jai presents her custom shea butter w/ her son Gabriel
Momentum Beauty presents various skin care products at the “Black House Black Market” Women’s HERstory Edition
Owner of Wildindulgence showcases a variety of products, ranging from waist beads to lingerie at the “Black House Black Market” Women’s HERstory Month Edition
Legally Black owners pose in front of their both at the “Black House Black Market” Women’s HERstory Edition
Thrift Jesus presents her clothing brand including a variety of thrifted and vintage items
Author of “Healing to Healed”, Kamesha Sade introduces her book along w/ sage at her booth
Lifelong friends and owners of Love is Like a Candle (LILAC & Co) introduce their lovely candles at the “Black House Black Market” Women’s HERstory Edition
Yvonne Sheek displays her products at the “Black House Black Market” Women’s HERstory Edition
Team TRG, left to right, Camille Paul (Brand Strategist/The Resource Guild), Mr. Daniel Dickey (The Resource Guild, Renaissance Man/ Award Winning Brand Strategist), Randi Okray (Executive Liaison/The Resource Guild), Jaylen Dickey (Junior Strategist/The Resource Guild)