On Thursday, August 30th, the Know Better Live Better Social Impact Campaign hosted its first Mom’s Night Out to encourage self-care and healthier family living. An initiative of the Emory Children’s Environmental Health Center, Know Better Live Better (KBLB) gathered moms and moms-to-be at farm-to-skin spa iwi Fresh for an evening of pampering and conversation.

Guests enjoyed a family-friendly, interactive evening that included making custom skin masks at iwi’s DIY mask bar, healthy eats prepared by Chef Nikki of Nikki Can Cook, and cocktails courtesy of organic spirit brand Bomade Vodka. The evening was rounded out with a conversation centered on everyday environmental exposures that may be contributors to health issues commonly found in American American communities. Moms had a fantastic time learning about ways that can small changes can make a big difference in their homes and the lives of their loved ones.

Mom’s Night Out Guests Alongside Haguerenesh Woldeyohannes (COTC Director, KBLB) and Yolanda Owens (Owner, iwi Fresh)

Shantae Robinson (iwi Fresh), Haguerenesh Woldeyohannes (COTC Director, KBLB) and Yolanda Owens (Owner, iwi Fresh)

Chef Nikki (Nikki Can Cook) prepared a healthy, flavorful menu

Mommy Blogger Joyce Brewer (Mommy Talk Show) starting her DIY facial mask

Moms enjoy making DIY masks for themselves and their babies

KBLB volunteers educating moms and mommy bloggers on every day health exposures

Ayiesha Scott (An Educator Who Blogs), Haguerenesh Woldeyohannes (COTC Director, KBLB), Shantae Robinson (iwi Fresh), Kiffany Fennell (Presidential Style Online) and Joyce Brewer (Mommy Talk Show)

Moms enjoy an informative conversation on environmental health and the KBLB initiative

Special Guest Chef Ahki

Jermaine (Bomade Vodka) and Haguerenesh Woldeyohannes (COTC Director, KBLB)

Photo Credit: Marie Pascale