(From L-R: DJ Skillz, DJ Mono, Ed Lover, Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/York Promotions), DJ Queen of Spades (Dave Hollister's Official DJ), DJ Envy (Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club”), DJ Loui Vee, DJ Boof enjoying a DJ reunion onstage at the 2nd annual R&B Soul Picnic.

The City of Atlanta welcomed back the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic to the largest and most popular park in Atlanta, Piedmont Park during Mother’s Day weekend. As a response to troubling times amid a pre-recession society, the R&B Soul Picnic was an all-day soul-healing experience where the Atlanta community promoted mental health awareness and celebrated R&B music. One of the biggest highlights of this years event was the R&B Soul Picnic recieving an official proclamation from the Fulton County Commissioners for the mental health work being done by the R&B Soul Picnic. The Soul Healing Center Guest Therapists came to the stage greeting the entire festival, providing mental health tips and an explanation on what to expect inside the Soul Healing Center where complimentary 6-10 minute "Soul Healing Chats" with licensed therapists took place . One of the many discussion topics that took place was learning how to set boundaries even with family members. Attendees also enjoyed celebrating the Wedding Anniversary of DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey live at the R&B Soul Picnic.

The two-day music and lifestyle festival in Atlanta, GA was an outdoor concert that catered to mothers, families, and friends with live performances by some of the top DJs in the world. To kickstart the festival mothers, daughters, and families gathered around the stage to recenter themselves with a yoga/meditation session that would bring everyone's minds and bodies in to a positive alignment.  The "SheJays" (Female DJs) such as Traci Steele (Celebrity DJ), DJ Queen of Spades (Dave Hollister's Official DJ), DJ Suga Shae ( Dj /Host Streetz 94.5),  DJ Yung Red (Core DJs Worldwide), DJ Stormy Monroe (Super Bowl LVII NFL Game Day DJ) and more brought Black Girl Magic all through Piedmont Park. Headliners, DJ Envy (Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club”) and the Legendary DJ Red Alert (KISS 98.7) did a mashup of a soulful soundtrack for the summer on the 1’s & 2’s as well as DJ Mars (Usher's Official DJ), DJ Trauma (Dave Chapelle's Official DJ), DJ Shakim (New Edition's Official DJ) and many more.  This event paid homage to the DJs who are huge staples in the music culture & community as well as providing a healthy outlet for guests to get the healing they need; whether that be musical, spiritual, and/or emotional. 

"This year's Atlanta R&B Soul Picnic was all about continuing the mission and momentum built last year around soulful healing through music. We will continue to provide a safe space where any and everyone can gather up their families and friends and come on out. My favorite part of the event this year and the year prior was the Soul Healing Center with our licensed mental health specialists, yoga specialists & wellness speakers because we know that’s something truly needed in our community.  We wanted the  space to be relaxing, fun, festive, and community-driven," said Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/York Promotions).

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Black love is in the air as DJ Envy (Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club”)  and his wife Gia Casey celebrate their wedding anniversary at the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic

DJ Red Alert (One of the Founding Fathers of Hip Hop/KISS 98.7),  blessed the stage at the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic with a masterclass on being a crowd pleasing DJ.

The 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic received a proclamation from Fulton County commissioners Dana Barrett and Natalie Hall, as a thank-you for their commitment to mental health. 

(From L-R: Mr. Daniel Dickey ( Founder of The Resource Guild), Dana Barrett (Fulton County Commissioner), Natalie Hall (Fulton County Commissioner), and Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/York Promotions)

Soul Healing Center Guest Therapists, TRG and the Atlanta Police Department’s (APD) finest are all smiles in the Soul Healing Center at the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic

(From L-R: Front Row - Dream Jackson (Radio Personality),  Back Row - Rosetta Delancey (Licensed Therapist), Nishee’ Moore (Licensed Therapist), Atlanta Police Department Officer, Tieara LeeAnn (Licensed Therapist), Mr. Daniel Dickey (Founder of The Resource Guild), Glendora Dvine (Licensed Therapist), and Atlanta Police Department Officer

Marsha Shackelford (Healing Guide, Yoga, Meditation Specialist) gives the crowd a moment to recenter themselves during the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic.

DJ Stormy  (Super Bowl LVII NFL Game Day DJ) blessed the crowd with her mixes  at the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic

This crowd knew all of the line dances during the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic.

Darlene McCoy (National Recording Artist, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host on Praise 102.5) and Brittney R. Dobbins ( Yoga Lifestyle Influencer, Award Winning Entertainment & Employment Lawyer) taking full advantage of the photo-op at the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic.

Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/York Promotions) soaking in the success of the 2nd Annual R&B Soul Picnic.